Academic Advising

Advising Philosophy

Advising is a partnership between you and your Advisor that is grounded in frequent communication regarding personal goals, self-knowledge, and information about majors, careers, and university policies.  Exploratory Studies advisors do not “prescribe” answers or majors for you; rather, we prompt you with the questions and resources you need to explore your unique interests, abilities, and values, and to set and reach your personal, academic, and career goals. While academic advising is a collaborative process, the ultimate responsibility for your educational experience rests with you, the student.

Student Learning Objectives

Advising is an integral part of your college learning. As a result of your Exploratory Studies academic advising experience, you will:

  • Identify and articulate your unique interests, abilities, and values (self-knowledge)
  • Apply your self-knowledge, personal experience, and research to make an informed decision on a major
  • Establish educational goals and monitor progress toward those goals
  • Understand university policies and procedures, including, but not limited to:
    • Course registration procedures, degree requirements, grade exclusion, academic standing, and GPA
    • Change of Degree Application (CODA) (criteria and process for declaring a major)
    • Progress Toward Degree (requirements for meeting satisfactory academic progress)
    • Student Code of Conduct
  • Select courses that strategically fulfill the General Education Program in your intended degree program(s) and help you achieve your educational and career goals
  • Utilize the Degree Planner effectively in course-planning
  • Pursue campus resources and opportunities that support personal wellness, academic success, community involvement, and career goals

Please review the Advising Syllabus.

Contact Information for your Exploratory Studies Academic Advisor

Current students should contact their assigned Academic Advisor for advising needs. Your Advisor will provide his/her contact information and information on his/her preferred method for scheduling appointments.