End of Semester & Finals

Ms. Amanda Beller, academic advisor, offers some information about the end of the semester.

It may be hard to believe that your student’s first semester of college is coming to a close. There are many important policies and pieces of information that are very important for students as they are finishing up their semester.

Here you’ll find a letter that many of our advisors share with their students so they have a quick reference for important end of semester questions. If your student has any questions about the information outlined in the letter linked above they should follow up with their academic advisor.

Once classes end, students won’t have the structure of their regular weekly schedule and routine as they move into the final exam period (December 5-14), so it is important that they think carefully about how to best organize their time for study and self-care. See our previous post about Helping Students Find Their Wellness Balance, as there is a lot of good information there that could help you support your student.

If you are concerned about your student’s level of stress or anxiety during this time of the semester it is important to get them connected with the appropriate resources. Encourage them to reach out to their academic advisor or take advantage of the Counseling Center’s services.

In the spring semester Exploratory Studies students enroll in USC 102. This course focuses on career readiness, and provides students with the opportunity to create and edit a collegiate level resume, build their professional network through career informational interviews and activities such as Career Connections, which will be held Saturday, March 18th from 10:00-12:30. It’s important that students mark this on their schedule. All students in Exploratory Studies are required to participate in this excellent opportunity to learn more about careers from alumni and program partners. As a reminder, we love to hear from parents and family members who are interested in sharing information about their careers with our students; please contact Exploratory Studies Director Kim Outing (kim_outing@ncsu.edu) to learn more about how you can get involved.

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