Incoming Exploratory Studies Village Residents

 The Exploratory Studies Village is an award winning, living and learning community for first year Exploratory Studies students.  The Village is comprised of Tucker and Owen Halls.  In the Village, students are surrounded by and live with other students who are also exploring their academic passions.   Living with other freshmen who are experiencing similar classes and major exploration process allows students to make lifelong friendships while easing their academic and social adjustment to college.  The Exploratory Studies Village also supports college transition and enhances the learning experiences of residents through creative programming, peer support, and staff and faculty engagement.


There are many benefits to living in the Exploratory Studies Village:

  • Only freshman residence halls on campus!
  • Great location!  Near academic buildings, NC State Bookstore, Talley Student Union, Fountain Dining Hall, Carmichael Gym and Aquatic Center, Student Health and much more.
  • Convenient to the Exploratory Studies Academic Advisor offices, Exploratory Studies classrooms, and 24-hour computing lab.
  • Peer support from the Exploratory Studies Resident Mentors (RMs) and Resident Advisors (RAs), who encourage community building, academic excellence, and a positive social environment.
  • Great programs and traditions such as Battle for the Beach, Outdoor Adventure Trips, Leadership Retreats, the Pack Academic Workshop Series (PAWS), Faculty Fellows, Pack Study walk-in tutoring, and the Exploratory Studies Year-End Banquet.


Our students flourish during their time in a Village. We require Exploratory Studies students to live in the Exploratory Studies Village unless they decide to live in another Village. University Housing has a total of 16 Living and Learning villages that range from Honors to Eco-Friendly and Entrepreneurs to Art-Enthusiasts. If you want to live in another University Housing Living and Learning Village, you must email us and notify University Housing.

Things to Know When Applying for On Campus Housing:

  • Despite the live-on requirement, first-year students still need to complete an application to live in University Housing. We reserve Tucker and Owen Hall for first-year Exploratory Studies students.
  • We assign all Exploratory Studies students to Tucker or Owen Hall unless you choose to live in another Village. Exploratory Studies students are ineligible to live in Engineering Village.
  • If you request a roommate that is not enrolled in Exploratory Studies: 
    • Roommate must be a first-year student. We suggest you both apply early as space is limited for non-Exploratory Studies students. 
    • We can only complete roommate requests for students admitted to NC State. If you are hoping to room with a student who has been waitlisted, your roommate request will not process until NC State accepts your prospective roommate and they complete a housing application. The delay may reduce your chances of a successful request.
    • Both students must request each other as roommates on their Housing Application. You can update this information until you have your room assignment.
    • Non-Exploratory Studies students cannot accept another Village offer while a Exploratory Studies Village roommate request is pending.
    • We will send a confirmation email within 24 hours of your housing application submission. If you do not receive this email contact University Housing to verify that your application was received.

      To learn more about on-campus living please visit the University Housing website.