Resident Mentors


In support of the academic mission of North Carolina State University, University Housing and Exploratory Studies strive to create a positive and nurturing environment for our first year students. This is achieved by providing programs, services, facilities, and staff that promote and support student development. The Resident Mentor (RM) plays a key role in providing a comprehensive program that blends the co-curricular with the academic. Resident Mentors are essential in developing an educational environment in which all residents are assisted in achieving their unique potential.

Brandon Brandon Sweet  Biomedical Engineering, Sophomore Mooresville I love ESV because of all the opportunities it provides the villagers with. The residence halls are very social as well, and the advisors do an excellent job of making suggestions for students to get involved on campus. My first language was French, but I forgot it when I learned English.
Breonna Breonna Caldwell Psychology, Biological Sciences Minor, Junior  Durham My favorite part about ESV is that you have the opportunities to explore different majors before you commit to a specific one. You are also provided with so many opportunities to enhance your college experience! I want to get my skydiving license!
Brooke Brooke Ramsey Exploratory Studies/Business Administation – Finance (intended), Sophomore Winston-Salem I love ESV because it offers the ability to explore opportunities with others and provides the ability to learn along side others in the same position as you. It also encourages a sense of community and provides a fun and safe place to explore yourself! I know a small amount of sign language.

Cat Lipps  Food Science, Junior  Wilmington I love that ESV is hall style because it makes it really easy to meet new people and make friends. I met some of my best friends my freshman year because they lived right across the hall from me. The location of the village is also super convenient because it is right in the middle of campus! I am a certified beekeeper.
Devin Devin Griffin  Business, Sophomore  Charlotte  I love ESV because of the atmosphere that encourages making connections with others as well as helping the villagers learn more about themselves. I can make a very loud whistling sound with my bottom lip
Eason  Eason Barclay  Polymer & Color Chemistry: Medical Science, Sophomore  Suffolk, VA I love ESV because it offered me to chance to explore other majors. I love the advisor program and the 1:1 reactions I get with my advisor. I have traveled to 9 different countries.
Emily Emily Lubnow  Industrial Engineering, Junior  Falls Church, VA  I love the community that it builds. The whole Exploratory Studies Village staff works together to create an environment that makes people feel comfortable. They have some of the best advisors on campus who work hard to build relationships with their students to ensure success. Getting into a fist fight is on my bucket list!
Jenna Jenna Hiscock  Exploratory Studies/Business-Marketing (intended), Sophomore  Cary My favorite part about the ESV is most definitely meeting so many new people and being able to learn the awesome things they are passionate about! I love to learn new things and make connections! ESV makes it so easy to do just that. (: I made one of NCSU geofilters on Snapchat (red hand throwing up Wolfpack hand sign).
Josh G Joshua Graiger  Business Administration. Junior  Charlotte  I love the ESV because of the community that it builds and the advisors are some of the best advisors on campus.  I worked at SeaWorld.
Josh P Joshua Pettis  Textiles/Graphic Communication, Junior  Kinston  Having the opportunity to explore more about what the world has to offer as careers and discovering what you enjoy doing. My grandmother’s family is from France.
Jyothi Jyothi George Human Biology, Sophomore  Morrisville  Having a whole year to figure out what you want to do with your life. I have two first names.
Kayla Kayla Sauls  Business Administration-Finance, Junior  Eureka I love being on central campus and being a part of this community-oriented atmosphere. Tucker has been such a great place to call home for the past two years and has provided me with many opportunities that I wouldn’t have if I lived anywhere else. I ate rat poison when I was 2 years old because I thought it was candy.
Miranda Miranda Irby  Marine Science  Concord Being able to learn about all the different majors, and getting used to the college setting before committing to a specific major. I am the (however many greats) granddaughter of Davy Crockett
Nick D Nicholas Ducret  Exploratory Studies/Computer Science (intended), Sophomore  Raleigh I love ESV because it provides the opportunity to explore both the major and its matching career, to a very satisfying degree. To put it in perspective, most students don’t find out how the career operates until they are an intern at the job, which leaves them with fewer opportunities if they discover that they do not enjoy the work. I bowled in two different leagues during high school.
Nick L Nicholas Lindley  Geology, Sophomore  Fayetteville Being in ESV makes it easy to interact with the community. Being so close to classes and places to eat help make the adjustment to college life a breeze. I can dislocate two of my knuckles.
Tucker Tucker Smith  Exploratory Studies/Engineering (intended), Sophomore  Kings Mountain I love how everyone is so closely connected in the Exploratory Studies Village, and how the residents all become a tight-knit family by the end of both semesters. The ESV has helped me make connections both on and off campus, that will help me long after I have graduated. I have done martial arts all my life, and when I was seventeen, I obtained a blue belt in an adult class as a minor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Victor  Victor Eduardo  Philosophy-Logic Concentration, Minor in Statistics & Cognitive Science, Sophomore  Morrisville I love that ESV puts so many people together that are in the same predicament. Many of the residents don’t know what they want to major in, and all of them are in their first year of college. The universal experience of “figuring things out” really helps create lasting relationships, and some of the best friendships I’ve made happened in Owen last year! If you combine my first name and last initial, you get a victory!
 Will Beeson Communication, Junior  Sophia Having the opportunity to test the waters of higher education and getting to further understand yourself. I am named after my dad, who was named after his dad
 Will M Will Magee  Exploratory Studies/Technology, Engineering, & Design, Sophomore  Mint Hill Exploratory Studies has given me the opportunity to see a broad scope of college and made it so much easier to make friends. I met my Bible Study leader and mentor because he lived right across the hall from me. The opportunities and experiences the ESV has given me is incredible and I am so fortunate for being apart of it. I presented the colors at the NC State vs. UNC game.
 Wini  Wini Dorer  Natural Resources-Ecosystem, Sophomore  Apex I love ESV because the advisors are awesome, the community is very supportive, and the opportunities for exploration are abundant. I play the saxophone!


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