Exploring Resources

The first 3 weeks weeks of the semester were filled with the excitement of new faces, places, classes, and routines. A this point, students are hopefully settled into their schedules and environment. Many are preparing for their first round of tests!

We want students to be proactive about their academics, so we are encouraging them to use academic resources such as free tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (for Chemistry 101), and their instructor’s and/or teaching assistant’s office hours for extra help or questions.

Your student’s advisor can help them connect with these resources and can also talk with them about time management and other success strategies. We are also trying to help students understand the impact of each grade earned. Consider, for example, the calculus sequence for Engineering and some other STEM majors (MA 141, MA 241, MA 242),  and introductory chemistry (CH 101):

  • Students who earn As in these courses typically graduate at rates between 10-15% higher than students who earn Cs
  • Strong performance in these classes can significantly increase your competitiveness in the CODA (change of major) process

Pretty good motivators for a proactive approach!

Over the next few weeks, Exploratory Studies advisors are meeting with all of their advisees individually for “initial advising.” During this appointment, we learn how the student is acclimating to campus and classes, assist them with identifying and accessing any needed resources, learn more about their interests and goals, and answer any questions they have. In addition to the resources mentioned above, there are numerous other resources and opportunities we may discuss, including the Counseling Center, Disability Services Office, or student organizations.

Advisors regularly send important updates and information about resources and opportunities through email, so encourage your student to check their email daily! If you have questions about the resources mentioned here or others, feel free to contact your student’s advisor or me, at kim_outing@ncsu.edu

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