Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register for courses prior to attending Orientation?

No. You may know students in other Colleges at NC State who are registering in fall classes online, prior to attending NSO. This makes sense if students have a fairly prescribed set of courses, as set by their college. Since our students are exploring a wide range of possible majors, there is not a prescribed set of recommended courses; rather, advisors help each student select appropriate courses given their interests. Our goal is to help you fulfill graduation requirements as you explore the possibilities at NC State.

What should I do prior to attending orientation?

Be sure to take the Pre-NSO Survey sent to you from Exploratory Studies, take placement exams, check out New Student Program’s New Student Checklist, and visit Exploratory Studies website admitted students for information.

Should I still take the NCSU Math Placement Test if I took the AP Calculus exam?

Taking the placement exams will not hurt you. NCSU uses the highest scores for placements. If the AP score is not back by orientation the placement exam score can be used as a math placement. If the AP score is higher than the math placement when you get it you will be allowed to make adjustments to select a different math course.

I have earned college credit from AP/IB Tests and/or courses taken at another institution. How does this appear at NC State?

To be sure your coursework appears on your NC State transcript, we require that you request official transcripts of AP scores and college transcripts be sent to the Office of Ungergraduate Admissions.

To understand what AP Tests and Scores will earn credit at NC State, check out this resource.

To know which courses taken at another institution will earn credit at NC State, visit the Undergraduate Admissions Transfer student page-transferable credits.
What if I have AP scores but they are not back by New Student Orientation?
No worries, you can just share the AP test(s) that you have taken with your advisor during the advising session. Your advisor will consider that information and advise you accordingly.

When will I know who my advisor is?

Advisors are assigned in mid-June. They may reach out to you prior to orientation to remind you to complete the Math and Chemistry Placement tests, but otherwise most students will have their first interactions with their advisor at Orientation.

Will I be able to meet with my Academic Advisor at New Student Orientation? What can I expect from this time?

Every student will meet individually with their Academic Advisor. The Advisors will share information about courses, registration, and policies with a small group of advisees attending that Orientation session. In addition, they will give students an idea of what to expect of the advisor, as well as lay out the student expectations. After providing information to the small group, Advisors then meet with their students one-on-one to talk through their interests in possible majors and colleges, courses that line up with their interests and pursuing a degree, previously earned coursework, and any specific questions the student has.

How can I prepare to register?

If you feel ready to start thinking about specific courses, check out our General Education Program requirements to identify a few courses you are interested in that can help you towards your degree. We encourage students to come to Orientation with a list of questions about whatever is on their mind!

How can I learn more about New Student Orientation?

Check out the New Student Orientation website for the latest news and information.

What if I cannot attend the Exploratory Studies regular New Student Orientation sessions?

No worries, if you are unable to attend any of the regular New Student Orientation sessions your advisor will contact you the week after the last regular New Student Orienation session to discuss your fall schedule. You are encouraged to sign up for Late Orientation in August.

What additional resources exist to stay informed over the summer and throughout the year?

Your Advisor is always available to answer your questions, but we also encourage you to follow us on TwitterFacebook, and our Mobile Guide to stay current on the different events, important deadlines, and so much more!

Can I request to change my major or college?

If you wish to have your application reconsidered for another college you may contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Typically after June 1 changes are not considered.

Career Connections, Saturday, March 17.

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Majors & Minors Fair!

The annual Majors & Minors Fair will be held on Wednesday, February 21, in 126 Witherspoon from 3-5pm.  Come and meet with representatives from all Colleges at NC State.