General Education Program (GEP)

At New Student Orientation, you will work with your academic advisor to plan your fall schedule. For many students, much of your focus will be toward your General Education Program (GEP) requirements. As stated on NC State’s GEP website, the GEP is designed to provide every NC State student a “broad and informed understanding of the world, offering our students the foundation for rich and productive lives.”

Your advisor will help you in choosing GEP courses appropriate to your interests. You will learn more about the GEP and other degree requirements at New Student Orientation and in USC 101 and USC 102 (your required Exploratory Studies Courses). In addition to the GEP categories listed below, you must also fulfill US Diversity (USD) and Global Knowledge (GK) co-requisites, as well as requirements in foreign language, communication, and technology. Your USC 101 will fulfill the US Diversity requirement. Some of your GEP courses may also fulfill other requirements in your major.

GEP Categories:

  1. Mathematical Sciences
  2. Natural Sciences
  3. Humanities
  4. Social Sciences
  5. Additional Breadth
  6. Interdisciplinary Perspectives
  7. Health and Exercise Studies


Your USC 101 instructor will provide you with details about the Majors Exploration Series (MES). Here are the dates that the Colleges will attend: September Wed.,13th- Poole College of Management, 126 Witherspoon, 3-5:30 pm Thurs.,14th- …read more.

Convocation->Required Event!

This is a required event for all new Exploratory Studies students! Don’t miss #NCSTATE21 at Convocation! Make sure you’re there when the Class of 2021 will come together for the first time as a class …read more.