It’s Registration Advising Season

It’s hard to believe we are already at the point in this Fall semester where we are meeting with students to discuss Spring & Summer 2017 courses! Right now, first year Exploratory Studies students are learning about registration advising in their USC 101 (Introduction to University Education I) course, as well as signing up for a Registration Advising Appointment with their assigned Academic Advisor.

In their one-on-one personalized Registration Advising Appointment, students will share their progress in their courses so far this semester and share updates on majors they are considering at this point in time. The Advisor and student will work together to create a Spring 2017 schedule of 15-17 credit hours based on this conversation. All Exploratory Studies students are required to take USC 102 (Introduction to University Education II) in the Spring semester. They will take this 1 credit hour course with their assigned Academic Advisor, similar to USC 101 this Fall semester.

For the first time in NC State history, students can now begin signing up for Summer 2017 courses during this Fall 2016 enrollment period. Students can continue to sign up for Summer courses through the Spring semester as well. This change allows students to potentially take a course in the Spring, if it is not offered at NC State in the summer, or vice versa.

Students sign up for courses based on their Enrollment Date, which is posted on MyPack Portal. Their Enrollment Date is based on their classification of Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior or Senior. Freshmen (credit hours between 0-29) sign up for courses November 7 and November 8. Some students may sign up for courses earlier than these dates, if they are in a designated group such as University Honors, University Scholars, TRIO Program, Student Athlete, or are registered with the Disability Services Office.

As students register for their courses, it is imperative they heed the recommendations discussed with their Advisor. It is okay to discuss courses with family and friends, however any proposed changes should be reviewed with their Advisor first. All courses can be found in our Course Catalog and our course offerings for Spring & Summer 2017 can be found on our Class Search. Students will continue to use their Enrollment Wizard to “shop” for their courses, and then enroll in those courses on their assigned Enrollment Date.

A helpful tool within MyPack Portal is the Degree Audit. Students can use the “What If?” feature on the Degree Audit to see how their course credits (Advanced Placement (AP) credit, transfer credit, current course load) would apply to another major or minor. Students are also encouraged to view the Semester-By-Semester Plans for the majors they are considering to view the suggested sequence of courses. Finally, another helpful tool for students to use when planning out their semesters here at NC State is the Pack Planner, which can be found on MyPack Portal.

There are some important deadlines to keep in mind regarding registration for courses next semester. Tuition for Spring 2017 is due on December 6th. If students are not enrolled in any credit hours by November 15th, then they will be charged a $100 late fee.

Spring 2017 courses begin on Monday, January 9, 2017. Students have until this day for their schedules to be finalized. Even still, they can change their schedule through the tenth day of the semester, if needed. Students should not stress if they do not have their perfect schedule on their Enrollment Date. Their Advisor will work with them to ensure they are enrolled in the appropriate courses for next semester.

Happy Registration!

Amy Kish, Exploratory Studies Academic Advisor and Coordinator of Advising Administration

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