LeNelle Patrick

DSC03554 (1)

Coordinator of Academic Coaching


B.S. Child Development
B.S. Business Administration
M.Ed. Counseling

Interests & Hobbies

Reading, hiking, yoga, spending time with family and friends, love Swedish fish and chocolate covered raisins!


Your USC 101 instructor will provide you with details about the Majors Exploration Series (MES). Here are the dates that the Colleges will attend: September Wed.,13th- Poole College of Management, 126 Witherspoon, 3-5:30 pm Thurs.,14th- …read more.

Convocation->Required Event!

This is a required event for all new Exploratory Studies students! Don’t miss #NCSTATE21 at Convocation! Make sure you’re there when the Class of 2021 will come together for the first time as a class …read more.